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A guide to staying connected

Sometimes it’s difficult for everyone to find a time and a place where everyone can meet. This guide to staying connected will help people in different locations access and take part in community meetings, even when a venue isn’t available. We’ve produced it for Big Local partnerships, workers and LTOs who may be new to ‘virtual meetings’.

We want to hear about Big Local areas’ success with holding online events; maybe you’ve held a virtual knit and natter session or conducted choir practice virtually. Let us know what you’ve been doing at

Information on COVID-19 for Big Local Partnerships, workers and LTOs can be found here.

Local Trust is offering every Big Local area a free premium account for video conferencing software, Zoom, to help partnerships host remote meetings and events during the COVID-19 outbreak. Read our tips on how to use Zoom securely and also find more about the support we are providing Big Local areas in this blog.

How to ‘meet’ if you can’t meet in person
How to keep working on Big Local, when you can’t be in a room together 
How to stay in touch with Local Trust online 
Staying safe online