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Social change and campaigning

Our Social change and campaigning learning cluster delved into how campaigning contributes to social change and how it can help Big Local areas.

Big Local is all about shifting the status quo and making things better in your community, but making change happen can be difficult. It’s a complex process which involves changing hearts and minds, understanding decision making, and knowing when and how to act.

This cluster supported Big Local areas to identify and prioritise different people and organisations they can involve in campaigns and consider the different ways to approach them.

Working with others, they explored how to encourage the wider community to get involved with their campaigns. They had conversations with other Big Local areas and campaigners who’ve made a lasting impact in their local communities and learnt about practical steps to take.

Big Local areas had the chance to take a more in-depth look at the difference they are trying to make and develop new and innovative ideas about how to work with local community and decision makers.

The Sheila McKechnie Foundation specialises in supporting people who want to make change happen. This cluster was facilitated by Sue and Chloe, from Shelia McKechnie.

This cluster is no longer accepting new participants. If you would like to express interest for the future you can email us.


Download the report and resources