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Promoting Digital Inclusion

This cluster is no longer open to new applicants


Launched in 2021, this learning cluster was aimed at supporting Big Local areas to promote digital inclusion within their communities.

The cluster consisted of a series of online events facilitated by Just Ideas; an organisation that knows Big Local really well, and supports community groups to develop innovative ideas and transform them into meaningful action.

The first session took place in February 2021. It was a standalone event where people were welcome to join whether they intended to participate in the cluster or not. At that session we then looked at the five key factors that lead to digital exclusion and how they might be impacting your community, to help participants identify the priority for your Big Local.

The cluster took place over six events throughout 2021 giving participants the opportunity to work in-depth with the facilitators and other Big Locals to develop their understanding of why digital inclusion really matters, and what Big Local partnerships can do about it.

What did attendees get out of it?

Through participation, attendees:

  • Built a greater understanding of the causes and impacts of digital exclusion on different groups of people
  • Gained ideas, inspiration and resources to help support digital inclusion in their communities
  • Learned more about why mindset matters, how to develop and promote a digital mindset, and how to reach those people who feel that the digital world “isn’t for them”
  • Collaboratively developed creative ways Big Local partnerships can make a difference
  • Felt enthused and developed the ideas and tools to go back to their local communities and make a difference

You can read the Digital Inclusion Learning Cluster Report here.

Learning & Networking events are open to all those living and working in Big Local areas, but we do expect attendees to bring some knowledge of the Big Local programme with them and use their learning to support the delivery of projects in their area.