Not taking new applicants

Mental health

This cluster is no longer open to new applicants


Launching in 2021, this new learning cluster is aimed at supporting Big Local areas to understand and engage with the topic of mental health in their communities.

The cluster will consist of a series of online events including sessions run by mental health experts. We hope attendees will be able to commit to most of the sessions in order to get the most out of the cluster.

We’re pleased to announce that this cluster is being facilitated by Just Ideas; an organisation that supports community groups to improve health and wellbeing and transform good ideas into meaningful action.

What will you get out of it?

Through participation, attendees will:

  • be able to understand different types of mental health issues and the impact COVID-19 has had on mental health and wellbeing
  • gain ideas, inspiration and resources to help support their communities
  • share ideas and experiences with other Big Local areas
  • establish connections with mental health experts
  • feel enthused and prepared to go back to their local communities and make a difference.

How to sign up

Whilst this cluster is no longer open to new applications, due to high demand we are considering running it again. If you would be interested in signing up, please email: 

Learning & Networking events are open to all those living and working in Big Local areas, but we do expect attendees to bring some knowledge of the Big Local programme with them and use their learning to support the delivery of projects in their area.

If you have any queries or register and then can no longer attend please contact us.