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Love your environment

This cluster is no longer open to new applicants.

A series of learning events for Big Local areas who care deeply about their environment.

One-off events took place on a variety of topics including water bodies, energy and climate change, the lived and natural environments and air pollution.

Each event was designed so that attendees gained more knowledge, visited a relevant, inspiring location and produced either a next steps plan or set up a new Big Local initiative.

This cluster was facilitated by Local Trust reps, Julian Mellor and Margaret Jackson, with input from topic specialist speakers and community leaders.

The one-off events took place around the country and started in summer 2019.

Natural environment

Otters, ash trees, dormice and bees; they’re all under threat from one thing or another, but what can we do?! Well, Big Local areas already do a lot, from community gardens to woodland management. Many of us already understand the health benefits from spending time in these places.

Energy and climate change

Climate change doesn’t have to be terrifying and communities can prepare now to be able to cope with changes that climate change will bring. There are many opportunities that Big Local areas can create, such as helping residents to reduce energy use and save money, to developing renewable energy projects that can be a Big Local income source.

Air pollution and its causes

It’s invisible, but the impact on our health is becoming clearer. This event presents an opportunity to explore in more depth the causes, the impacts and the solutions to air pollution.

Water bodies

Coastal and inland water is a feature of many Big Local areas. As well as needing management and posing a potential flood risk, water bodies provide opportunities for leisure, habitats for wildlife and can be great for human well being too.

Big Local areas have a lot to offer in shaping and planning how communities can look after water bodies and enjoy them.

Improving your local environment

It’s not all about having access to fields and woods, many Big Local partnerships are creating environment enhancing projects in forgotten places and street corners.  There is a growing understanding of how important urban green and beautiful spaces are for humans and creatures, and it can start right outside your house or window.