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Initial survey reveals your top five ways to create empowered communities

Initial results are in from the project survey that asks — among other things — what you feel is most important to help communities become more empowered and vibrant. From these first 50 responses, the top things that people think could help communities to become more empowered and vibrant in the future are:

  1. Devolution, power, agency to make decisions locally
  2. Active participation in policy decision-making
  3. Resources for work with communities
  4. Support including education, training, capacity building, peer support
  5. Self-efficacy or confidence and self-belief

You can find out more in this short report which summarises all the survey responses received from 20 March – 11 April 2017.

In addition to using this data to help develop the research, the research team at IVAR are also able to use the replies so far to see where to target to get further survey responses that will achieve a good geographic spread of voices and perspectives.

The survey will be open until the end of June 2017. The survey asks how you would like to be involved in the Empowered Communities project, what you feel is most important to help communities become more empowered and vibrant, and for examples of where the researchers might look for empowered communities.

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