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Opening up the conversation

From the project research team at IVAR

Today we share with you the latest findings from our research into how communities can have power and authority over their lives and the areas where they live. So far, our researchers have travelled from Bristol to Newcastle in pursuit of the answer to one question: how can communities become empowered?

Read the interim findings

Three things people told us:

The full interim report includes more information on all of the above, summarising points raised in the research and what people think needs to happen. We also share the questions we would like to explore in the next phase of the research, which will see us visiting Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To introduce this work, we asked Leila Baker to share her reflections on the story so far and thoughts on how the research might develop.

Read the blog by Leila Baker, head of research at IVAR.

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2 Jan 2019: Our office is open but our phones are not working. Please email us at while we fix them and we will respond to messages as soon as we can.

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