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Big Local

South Bermondsey

In our Big Local plan which we've published, we set out our vision for the area and how we will deliver it. This is based on the priorities identified by residents in the area.

The vision links to the long-term goal of independent activity led by the partnership. This will require higher levels of skills and confidence within the local tenants’ groups which at the moment are not always there.

Therefore one focus for the first two years is to build the skills of those who want to get involved in this work and to develop a solid local infrastructure.

South Bermondsey Big Local’s long-term 10 year vision is that:

  • the area will be visibly cared for, with green spaces ‘owned and tended’ by local people for community benefit
  • older people will have developed mutually respected relationships with younger people in the area, the consequence of which is that they will feel less threatened and anti social behaviour will have decreased. Older people will be mentally and physically prepared to be able to participate fully in community life
  • many young people will have developed skills enabling them to participate in the wider community either in undertaking volunteering roles, returning to further education or will be in some form of training or employment
  • each year South Bermondsey Big Local will hold a recognition ceremony to highlight individual and group achievements and at the end of the 10 years these results will be put together with our story of how they reached the goal of making the area a better place in which to live.
  • In order to deliver that 10 year vision South Bermondsey Big Local have identified 3 key areas where they will focus their actions and energy in the first years:
  • to improve the usage of the green and open space
  • to ensure that young people are actively involved in the area
  • an improvement in community participation by older people in the area
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