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Shadsworth with Whitebirk

Shadsworth with Whitebirk is on the eastern edge of Blackburn with industrial/business parks to the north and to the south (which are clustered around Junctions 5 and 6 of the M65 motorway. The area has a young growing population, which is becoming more ethnically mixed.

The area faces several challenges in terms of community involvement (not enough active community groups, low levels of volunteering, low voting in elections), community safety (anti-social behaviour, alcohol/drug misuse, domestic violence), environment (cleanliness, vandalism, pride in the environment/public spaces), poverty/deprivation (financial poverty/income levels), skills & employment (low skills levels, low economic activity rates, not enough jobs), health (early years, alcohol, drug use, poor health lifestyles, etc.). However, there are lots of positives on which to build. People have spoken positively about their homes, their neighbours, about local shops, about local schools, about being happy in general and happy with where they live. There are good community facilities (which some people feel could be used more) and active community groups. School performance is improving and other indicators are showing signs of improvement.

Our shared vision for the area is 'a safe and clean place with a strong sense of community where residents can aspire and achieve for a better future for everyone'.

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