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The Barnfield Community, supported by Friends of Barnfield Resident Committee and local partners, has been transformed in recent years. Community cohesion is now stronger than ever before. The environment has been improved and the well-being of many individuals has increased. Having been awarded £1m Big Local funding over the next 10 years, the community has an opportunity to continue transforming the neighbourhood following the success of the Well London programme.

Barnfield Big Local's vision for the area is:

‘a community that works as individuals and together to make Barnfield a place of which we can all be proud’.

The Big Local plan has been developed based on the priorities of residents of the area, and will be achieved through the following priorities:

Developing infrastructure
This is about making sure they we things properly, work with others who can help and provide the right space and support.
Under this theme, our first priorities will be:

  • managing the programme and funding well
  • providing space(s) to meet residents, organise ourselves and deliver activities
  • support volunteers
  • develop effective partnerships.

Developing a range of activities
We see Big Local as ultimately being about providing activities that will make the area better and people happier. The themes of activities that form this priority include:

  • health and well being
  • environment
  • children and young people
  • elderly
  • crime reduction and community safety
  • work and training
  • other community activities.

Developing communications
This is about letting people know about Big Local plans and making sure we get continuous feedback about how we are doing and whether we need to change direction or improve. The key issue here is that communication should be two-way. Priorities under this theme include:

  • communicate with others right across the estate
  • communicate with key agencies, other stakeholders and decision makers external to the estate.
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