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Guiding principles

July 2015

Local Trust manages the development, funding and implementation of the Big Local programme and other programmes. It aims to enable residents to make their communities and areas even better places to live, by helping residents develop and use their skills and confidence to identify what matters most to them, and to take action to change things for the better. To meet these objectives, Local Trust needs to collect and process personal data, including data related to the use of and Local Trust is committed to the protection of personal privacy and ensuring that all of the personal data it collects and uses is processed in accordance with UK and EU data protection law.

In accordance with these principles, Local Trust limits the amount of data it collects to that which is needed to meet its objectives, and will only ever use the data that it collects for purposes that are related to these objectives. Local Trust will never sell the personal data it collects, and makes every reasonable effort to protect the data under its control against unauthorised access and misuse.

Local Trust also engages third-party service providers and partners to help it meet its objectives. Local Trust makes every reasonable effort to use service providers who are equally committed to protecting personal privacy and comply with applicable data protection laws.

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