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Building wealth - an essay by Hazel Sheffield

One of a series of essays written by independent thinkers exploring how people and places are changing through Big Local

October 2018

Widespread employment, pushed up by precarious jobs and zero hours contracts, has not improved overall economic wellbeing. In Hartlepool, Thurrock and Morecambe - places where economic growth is failing to have any visible benefits - Hazel Sheffield discovers the power of individuals partnering with communities to create change.

“In a town where there are ten people for every six jobs, the idea of growth is a fantasy” - Sacha Bedding, Dyke House Big Local, Hartlepool

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Local Trust podcast - Grow your own economy

Touching on ideas of agency, disillusionment and the impact of globalisation, this episode explores how communities are being forced out of necessity to re-create their own local economies. Buying up assets, building partnerships and investing in people are just a few of the ways local areas are becoming more inclusive, and in turn securing wealth that will remain within the community to support the people that need it most.

Participants: Hazel Sheffield, author of ‘Building wealth’. Dan Spencer, West End Morecambe Big Local. Matt Leach, Local Trust. Rosie Carter, Hope not hate. Becca Antink, The RSA. Matt Buckham, Bromford. Joe Earl, Economy. Jess Prendergast, Onion Collective.

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