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Reviewing your Big Local plan

April 2016

We need you to review your Big Local plan, so that you know if you have achieved what you set out to. It is up to you how and when you do a review. When you submit your Big Local plan, we will ask you when you intend to review it.

Our requirements

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We need you to:

  • do at least one review during the time that the plan is active
  • submit your review before you submit a new or updated plan and ask to withdraw more of your funding.

Why review?

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The review allows your Big Local partnership to assess your Big Local plan - to find out what's going well, what isn’t going as planned, how things can be improved - and what you have learned from the experience. So it provides your partnership with:

  • an opportunity to reflect on progress and celebrate achievements
  • new learning to use in planning for future years
  • success stories to share more widely in your Big Local area
  • the chance to feed back information to us and others involved in Big Local.

Your review may result in changes to what you are doing. If that means updating your Big Local plan, you need to be clear why you want to make those changes, and provide evidence that your decisions are supported by the wider community. For more information on updating your plan please see our guidance on the Big Local plan.

How to review

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You may need to set aside some dedicated time and space for your review, to enable your partnership to think about and discuss your progress.  

Your Big Local rep can help with your plan review. This might include suggestions for structuring discussions, who to involve, and what kind of information to prepare. You can also download tools and templates below including:

  • a review template to give you ideas
  • workshop resources to help you measure what matters
  • a review toolkit.

What's in a review?

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We need you to answer these nine questions:

Your plan

  1. What have you done against what was in your plan?
  2. What money have you spent?

Your progress

  1. What impact have you had?
  2. What have you learnt?
  3. How have you progressed on your vision and priorities?
  4. Do you need to refresh your vision and priorities?

The Big Local outcomes

  1. How does your progress relate to the achievement of the Big Local outcomes?

What next?

  1. Do you need a new or revised plan, or will you carry on with your existing plan?
  2. How do you know this is what your community wants?

How is your plan review used?

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The plan review will help you decide whether or not you need to revise your plan - to identify what difference your activities are making, and how they fit in with your vision and priorities, and with Big Local outcomes.

When you have finished your plan review, please send us a copy. We will use the review for our assessments when you draw down further funding or update your plan.

Your review also informs us about what your Big Local area is doing, what is working well and what the challenges are. This helps us know how to support you better in the future. 

Shortly after submitting your review you will receive some feedback from Local Trust. This feedback is on your review process only and makes suggestions on methods and evidence you can use for plan reviews in the future.

Tools and templates for plan reviews

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There are many tools and templates available that can help you complete your plan review and measure the impact you are having in your Big Local area.

Visit this page to find out more about measuring change.

Tools and templates produced by Local Trust:

Tools and templates produced by others:

Download guidance

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