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New learning cluster: Making projects happen

Adam Smith, senior programme coordinator at Local Trust, explains how getting to grips with key project management skills can make projects of any size less daunting

November 2018

Being responsible for £1 million and awarding grant funding to any project can be daunting.

  • Are you a Big Local resident or worker and want to know more about how to make successful projects happen on the ground?
  • Have you encountered unexpected obstacles in making projects happen?
  • Have you got a fantastic project idea, but making it happen seems a little scary?
  • Perhaps your Big Local needs a business plan and you're not sure why you need one or how you should go about starting one?

Making projects happen, our new learning cluster, will take you on a journey over four fun sessions to introduce the practicalities associated with planning, implementing, managing and evaluating your projects so that you can make sure you deliver what’s in your Big Local plan. We’ll cover all types of projects: big and small, physical and people-based, short and long.

You’ll be encouraged to share your experiences and learn from other Big Locals, as well as hear from people who have been through it themselves. You will take away simple but practical tools to help you throughout the project life cycle and show the impact of your project.

By the end of the cluster you will:

  • use different practical tools to help you deliver your Big Local and other projects
  • understand the stages involved with making a project happen
  • understand the roles of different professionals and how to deal with them
  • be more confident about managing a variety of projects
  • make new friends and developed new networks
  • know where and how to go for help
  • have access to project aftercare.

The cluster will be facilitated by two Big Local reps, Margaret Jackson and Clare Babbs, with the first meeting being held on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 of February 2019, in Liverpool. Each Big Local area can send either one or two people to the cluster, but we do ask that those individuals attend all four sessions if possible as each session will build on the learning from those that came before.

If you are interested in finding out more, please email, and either Clare or Margaret will contact you.


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