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Newcastle Spring Event

Tuesday 16 May 10:30am - 3:30pm

The Assembly Rooms, Fenkle Street, Newcastle, NE1 5XU

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About this event

The location of this event has changed. It was in Chester-le-Street and is now in Newcastle.

We’re really excited about our fresh line-up of workshops for Spring Events 2017. You'll leave feeling energised and ready to continue your Big Local journey! 

  • Explore topics that are relevant to your area, through a wide range of workshops.
  • Learn about opportunities that could help you achieve your ambitions for your area.
  • Enjoy inspiring conversations, good food and creative activities.
  • Share your experience and meet others involved in Big Local, including our new chief executive Matt Leach.

See what's on below.

Agenda Newcastle

Time Description

Arrival, hot drinks and breakfast


Welcome, get to know each other activity and update on Big Local


Choice of workshops

  • Young people’s playbus: The playbus allows the partnership to run activities for young people living in all five areas within the Big Local area. Find out how the partnership have built the project, and their plans to turn it into a sustainable community resource. Come and talk about finding fresh ways to offer opportunities right where they’re needed most, whatever your local geography. (Gaunless Gateway Big Local)
  • Dispute and conflict resolution: We know people don’t always agree and that it’s normal for groups to argue. But it’s not always easy to resolve issues and move on! Big Local areas will soon be able to access support from a specialist organisation working nationally. Learn tools and techniques for dealing with disputes and conflict and find out about the support available. (Speaker to be confirmed)
  • Improving lives through sport: County Durham Sport is part of a national network of 45 County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) dedicated to promoting and developing sport. CSPs are all about getting more people active and supporting local groups and clubs. Explore how taking part in sport can inspire everyone, support wellbeing and bring a community together, and learn about how you could work with a CSP. (County Durham Sport)
  • Local land and local economies: Find out how to identify public land that could be made available for community economic benefits. Try out the New Economics Foundation’s innovative new tool for rolling out ‘local land audits’, and understand how community led approaches to land and housing can transform local economies. (The New Economics Foundation — NEF)



Choice of workshops

  • Poolie Time Exchange: 'self-interest' volunteering: In Hartlepool, one hour of volunteering earns you 10 Poolie Pounds, which can be spent on things like a haircut, access to a washing machine, advice, training opportunities or a meal. The aim of the project is to reduce poverty across the town and to encourage this as a model of working. (Dyke House Big Local)
  • Winning hearts and minds: Telling a good story is a powerful way to get people to care about what you are doing, and think how they could help. In this taster session you will discover how to find and tell the stories that matter in your community, and how to use stories to help you get more people involved or more active in their support for Big Local. (A Bit Crack)
  • Tackling housing as a local issue: Explore how this social enterprise is training and housing young people by leasing and buying current and dilapidated housing. Discuss the challenges and opportunities for communities who want to tackle housing issues and hear an example of a Big Local area that has started its housing journey. (Community Campus 87)
  • Community asset – or liability? Deciding whether your community building will earn its keep: Many Big Local areas want to take on a building – but it can be a big risk. How do you know if it will earn money or not? This is a chance to test your ideas and think about other sources of investment to make your £1m go further. (Charity Bank)

Choice of workshops

  • Scouting for young people: Through CELL Big Local, people identified a need for organised activities for young people within their area. The social changes in the area with coal mining pit closures had largely triggered a loss of 'community', and with it a lack of volunteers to run youth activities. Come and hear how the partnership have used the impetus of Big Local to work with the Scouts Association to reintroduce Scouting to the community. Leave with new ideas for possible collaborations! (CELL Big Local)
  • Involving young people: This group is involving young people in the planning, delivery and guiding of Big Local in their area. Hear their story of the things that worked well and also…less well. Explore and discuss the challenges and opportunities of involving young people as decision makers. (Roseworth Ward Big Local)
  • How to tell if you’re making a difference: measuring the impact: Find out about tools and techniques that can help you understand whether the activities you are supporting are making a difference in your area, and how to use these findings to tell your story to others. Hear about recent research which explored and measured the impact, achievements and learning so far in 20 Big Local areas. (Resources for Change)
  • Balloon orchestra workshop: Be ready to explore and try new things and join the balloon orchestra! In a short space of time you’ll work together using balloons as a source of sound (and fun!) and use your imagination to create short rhythms and compositions. (Sergio Lopez Figueroa) 

What next?

Closing words from Matt Leach, chief executive, Local Trust



More about this event

The location of this event has changed. It was in Chester-le-Street and is now in Newcastle.

Places are free and lunch and refreshments are included. Plus, we take the hassle out of getting there. We can book and pay for travel and care costs in advance for residents. And if you have a long journey and would struggle to make it on time, we can even arrange and pay for your accommodation. Just ask when booking.

All residents involved in Big Local are welcome, from those just starting to volunteer, to seasoned partnership members. Others involved in Big Local, like workers, can also attend but we encourage them to come together with some residents from their area.

To make sure all the Big Local areas get a chance to come, we can welcome up to 5 people from each Big Local area.

To book, get in touch with Priti: call 020 3588 0578 or email

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