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Effective team skills

Accredited through the Institute of Leadership and Management, Level 2 award

Friday 9 December 4:30pm - Tuesday 13 December 12:30pm

Northern College, Wentworth Castle, Barnsley S75 3ET

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About this event

This course aims to develop your skills whilst working in a team. It will explore the theory of groups and teams, reflect on personal and team effectiveness and support you to develop an action plan to improve your skills.  

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain in detail what is meant by teams and teamwork.
  • Know the barriers that may prevent effective teamwork.
  • Describe why it is important for people working in teams to communicate effectively.
  • Recognise behaviour that could lead to conflict within a team and identify actions that can reduce or prevent conflict.
  • Review your own performance as a team member, identifying your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop a SMART action plan in order to develop your own effectiveness as a team member.
  • Present your work to the people on the course.

Course content:

  • Tuckman’s Model – team development
  • Belbin’s Team Roles
  • Thinking Environment – developing appreciation
  • Team building
  • Conflict management
  • Barriers to communication
  • The relationship between skills, interdependence, trust and respect in a team.
  • Understand the relationship between organisational goals and team objectives.
  • Team politics within your Big Local partnership, differences in social norms, values and beliefs within the team and wider community.
  • Ways of preventing conflict – recognising different stages of conflict escalation and signs of conflict and aggression
  • Handling conflict and resolution procedures
  • What an equality of opportunity policy looks like
  • Personal development – SWOT analysis
  • SMART action planning


In order to gain your qualification, you need to attend the whole course and complete the following assessment activities during the course and achieving at least a 50% pass mark. The assessment takes place as part of the course time.

  • Complete a workbook which guides you through the learning outcomes for the qualification.
  • Develop a presentation which represents the course content and your personal response and areas of development.
  • Present your presentation to the group at the end of the course ensuring you meet all of the learning outcomes highlighted in the workbook.

Support available

  • If you tell us about your learning needs (on the Northern College application form) before the course starts you will have classroom support after a short assessment with the Additional Learner Support team.
  • If it becomes apparent that you need additional support during the course the tutor will respond accordingly and where appropriate discuss support needs with you and the additional support team.
  • The college tutor will offer at least one tutorial to each student.
  • Support is available during the course time.
  • As this course finishes after assessment has been conducted there will be no further support required.
  • People will be given feedback on the day of their assessment and the final decision will be emailed to each individual after internal verification has taken place.


The course will be delivered in an inclusive way, ensuring a wide range of activities to suit everyone’s preferred way of learning. There will be opportunity to contribute to discussion, take part in activities and independently work and reflect on personal team participation.  

If you choose to attend the course we expect you to participate fully, to complete the course workbook and to present your work to others in a supportive environment. 

Agenda Friday 9 December - Tuesday 13 December

Time Description
Friday 9 December

4:30pm - Arrival, room allocation and dinner

6:00pm - Welcome, registration and introductions

6:15pm - College and course induction

6:40pm - Thinking Environment and course agreement

7:10pm - Groups, teams and an introduction to Tuckman’s Theory – small group work, discussion and reflection on personal and Big Local experiences

7:45pm - Completing workbook based on the evening’s work

8:00pm - Finish 

Saturday 10 December


9:30am - Introducing Belbin and Team Roles - theory based teaching and activities in small groups

10:15am - Thinking Round - reflecting on your role within your Big Local team

10:30am - Personality types questionnaire - practical reflective activity

10:45am - Break

11:15am - Personality types analysis – taught session to score and analyse questionnaires

11:45am - Developing effective communication - small group work to discuss what effective communication is. Highlighting methods and barriers which would be effective for each of the personality types – record by creating a poster

12:20pm - Feedback from activity

12:40pm - Lunch

1:30pm - Team work and communication games and activities

3:00pm - Break

3:30pm - Team work and communication games and activities continued

4:30pm - Thinking round - reflecting on personal participation in team work and communication

4:45pm - Update workbook

5:00pm - Finish 

Sunday 11 December

9:30am - Conflict - small group work to identify types of conflict experienced in Big Local activities

9:50am - Conflict - taught session exploring behaviour types and resolution methods

10:30am - Conflict - small group work to identify how conflict can be avoided

10:50am - Break

11:20am - Feedback from small groups

11:35am - Role play - building confidence with conflict

12:10pm - Thinking Round - De-role and reflect on building confidence with conflict

12:30pm - Lunch

1:30pm - Tutorials, time to update workbook and afternoon walk

5:00pm - Finish

Monday 12 December

9:30am - SWOT analysis - taught session guiding people through a personal SWOT analysis

10:15am - SMART action planning based on SWOT analysis

10:45am - Break

11:15am - Presentation workshop - including PowerPoint, how to present confidently and preparation

12:15pm - Thinking Round

12:30pm - Lunch

1:30pm - Preparing for presentation and completing workbooks - library based with tutor support throughout the afternoon

4:30pm - Final check for presentation

5:00pm - Finish

Tuesday 13 December

9:30am – Presentations - present work in a Thinking Round with feedback

10:45am - Break

11:15am – Presentations - present work in a Thinking Round with feedback

12:00pm - Evaluation

12:30pm - Finish and lunch

More about this event

Our courses and events are free for people in Big Local areas. We can provide financial support for travel, childcare and other care costs to residents in Big Local areas. We can also book and pay for travel in advance.

If you are taking part as part of your paid work/employment then we ask that your employer cover your expenses. However, we can pay or contribute towards worker’s expenses in exceptional circumstances.

Please ask for further information when booking.

Northern College

Northern College is a community adult education college that offers training for those who are active in community and voluntary groups as well as in trade unions. Northern College is committed to equal opportunities for all and offers an outstanding learning environment in a residential setting.

Please note that the courses offered by Northern College are residential. This means that they will host you to stay in their college at Wentworth Castle and will provide all meals and accommodation.

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