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David Warner

David Warner

An experienced and creative strategic leader with a wide range of management and influencing skills, including 18 years experience as chief executive and five years as a senior consultant in civil society.

David has over 30 years experience of working in civil society, starting as a front-line support worker working with the homeless through to running a multi-million pound national charity. Over this time he has built effective creative leadership, management and influencing skills and strong networks based on personal integrity.

A network weaver, David has extensive experience of bringing together and creating alliances of usual and unusual suspects to create change and make action happen. Through investing heavily in network and relationship building, the resulting alliances have profound impact and outcomes.

Life is for living, and in August 2017 David relocated (after 54 years) from London to Scarborough in North Yorkshire. When not working he enjoys walking the dogs on the beach and the moors, reading, cricket, art, jazz (and other music), eating, cooking & helping make a difference in his new local community. David is a Trustee of Coast & Vale Community Action (CAVCA - the local infrastructure organisation in North East Yorkshire), Trustee & Chair of the Finance Committee at Toynbee Hall in East London, Trustee of Invisible Dust and Chair of Engines Orchestra.

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