The Community Leadership Academy provides support for the people making Big Local happen, helping them to develop skills and knowledge that can benefit the whole community.

Across Big Local, people are working together to create lasting change. If you have experienced challenges but overcome them, brought people together and helped build community spirit then you are already playing a leadership role. The Community Leadership Academy could help your Big Local area achieve even more.

Open to residents who are active volunteers involved in delivering Big Local projects, including Big Local partnership members, the Community Leadership Academy is looking for people who want to explore their own potential and the change they can bring to their neighbourhoods, by working effectively with others.

What will I learn?

One-to-one support is at the heart of the Community Leadership Academy. In a series of confidential conversations between you and a leadership coach, you will define personal goals and agree steps you can take to achieve them – all at your own pace and in your own local area.

Participants will also meet each other, explore common issues, and work together on shared priorities. There will be a chance to learn from the group, listen to speakers and share your own knowledge. The content of these sessions will be developed with you, and will include understanding your own leadership style, how you work with others, and how to work effectively within your local context.

How to take part

We are inviting all Big Local areas to recommend someone who is a volunteer resident, actively involved in delivering Big Local, who – with the right support – could make even more of a difference in their neighbourhood. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Put a name forward (the first round of recommendations has now closed and will reopen later this year)
  2. You’ve been recommended – do you want to apply?
    Everyone whose name was put forward by 13 January 2020 will be contacted by email, provided with further information and an opportunity to ask questions. To continue, you’ll need to fill in a short form* to confirm you want to take part and tell us a bit about yourself before Wednesday 22 January 2020.
  3. It’s time to join 
    The first group will find out if they have a place in February 2020 and will start in March 2020. If there are more people applying than places available, selection criteria will apply – please see the section on eligibility below.

* If you need help filling in forms, please contact us by email or call Stephanie on 020 3588 0583.

Costs and timings
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