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Regional clusters

During this period all meetings are continuing online

What are regional clusters?

Regional clusters help groups of Big Local areas that are geographically close to one another to meet up, share learning and to network.

Events are organised by external facilitators, but the content, format and location of events are led and agreed by members.

Events are designed to promote even deeper collaboration between Big Local areas and provide space for residents to tackle a broad range of issues relevant to their region.

As the regional clusters are designed to connect areas based on location, areas cannot be part of more than one regional cluster. We encourage areas to contribute to setting the agenda for events in their ‘region’ so that content is relevant to them.

Regional clusters aim to:

  • be a safe space for people to share challenges, explore solutions and work practically together
  • offer flexible events that respond to local needs/interests closer to you
  • put greater emphasis on networking, making meaningful connections with others nearby and sharing with others involved in Big Local
  • be a safe space for people to share challenges, explore solutions and work practically together
  • enable areas to identify opportunities for collaboration, co-funding, and other shared work
  • provide an accessible platform for people new to Big Local to participate in networking activities with their peers, and be a local offer for those who don’t feel able to or do not wish to attend national events

To connect to or find out more about your regional cluster, identify your nearest group and contact the relevant facilitator:

To find out more about the regional clusters or if there isn’t a regional cluster near you, please get in touch with Alice Calder at

Regional cluster events are open to anyone volunteering or working on Big Local. Like all learning and networking opportunities provided by Local Trust, events are free for Big Local areas to attend and we will cover travel costs for residents.