Managing Big Local funding Social investment and personal lending

Social investment and Big Local

This guide will help you consider some of the different – and sometimes more innovative – ways that some of your funding can be used.

As you create and deliver your Big Local plan, there will be many decisions to make around what you want to achieve and how you finance your activities.

Some of your plans are likely to involve buying particular services (procurement). Other plans might involve allocating grants. But you could also consider social investment, which can be an effective way of getting the best return for your area.

This brief guide aims to support you by covering:

  • what social investment is and how it works
  • the benefits and risks for your area
  • why social investment is part of Big Local.

At the end of this guide, there are explanations of some of the terms associated with social investment.

As well as this guide, you can access more information on the different types of social investments:

  • tackling financial exclusion through social investment (personal lending)
  • growing your local economy through social investment (microfinance, small business lending, social enterprise lending).
What is social investment?
What does a positive impact mean?
How does social investment work?
Different types of social investment
When do we not make social investments
How do we make social investments?
What are the risks?
Why is social investment part of Big Local?
Social investment jargon explained
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