Due to government advice to avoid all non-essential contact, this event has been cancelled.

Why are we looking to the future? To help communities make long-term plans, and consider strategies that will help places to thrive in the next decade.

Local Trust has asked people with a range of different perspectives and expertise, including Big Local communities, what the factors are that could shape communities in the decade to come.

We want to share findings with you and hear what you think, so we will be running two interactive workshops, one in London on the 31 March and one in Leeds on the 3 April.

We will:

  • present an overview of the futures research
  • review and test the draft findings
  • explore the implications for communities and different stakeholders
  • explore how we can lay the foundations now, for thriving communities of the future

We hope the workshop will offer a chance to step back and look at the bigger picture for a day, and for Big Local areas it might spark ideas for your legacy plans.

The workshops are open to Big local areas and people who have participated in the futures research.

To find out more about the workshop contact Georgie: Georgie.burr@localtrust.org.uk