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This discussion, held in partnership with New Local Government Network (NLGN), explores how we learn from the weaknesses exposed by the COVID-19 crisis to build a more resilient future.

Earlier this year, we held a series of events exploring how communities across the country were responding to the pandemic. Now, we’re looking ahead to better understand how these community responses and everything we’ve learned from the past six months can help us to move #TowardsResilience.

Following on from our recent report, Towards Resilience, we look at the lack of national resilience highlighted by the pandemic and what might be needed to move towards resilience in the future.

In contrast, there were and continue to be many robust community responses in neighbourhoods across the country – with each of them reliant on the resources, skills and knowledge of local people.

We want this discussion to be the start of a wider conversation across numerous sectors and disciplines to better understand how this type of community action could help to create a much more resilient Britain. 

Join us as we start to explore this concept of resilience more deeply. We welcome as many different perspectives, ideas and contributions as possible as we move #TowardsResilience.

Our panel includes: