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This discussion, part of our towards resilience series, explores the inequalities in our education system that were highlighted by COVID-19 and considers how resilient communities can be at the heart of building a stronger education sector.

COVID-19 has shown many of our systems to be fragile in the face of crisis. In many cases, community groups across the country have stepped in to support local residents during the pandemic, demonstrating the value of local knowledge and networks when responding to uncertainty and disruption.

This event is the first in a series looking at how we can reimagine our fragile systems and put more power and resources into the hands of communities to ensure a more resilient future.

The discussion will look at the education system, exploring how the crisis exposed it’s areas of weakness and how communities can play an important role in addressing those areas and building a fairer system for all.

To find out more, take a read of this blog by Education Policy Institute chief executive officer, Natalie Perera’s blog.

Our panel includes:

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