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Sometimes it feels as if the planning system is unfathomable and inaccessible.  Even the ways Local Authorities access money for social infrastructure for developments, like Section 106 and the Community Infrastructure Levy (CiL), feels unrelated to actual community needs.  It’s not always easy to know what you can and can’t do to influence and engage with planning and development.

This two-part series of workshops is designed to help us explore possible ways that we can have more of a voice in the planning process, in the allocation of social infrastructure funds gathered by local authorities, and in local government decision making.

In the first workshop we will:

  • Hear from experts on the planning process, particularly in relation to Section 106 and CiL
  • Share our experiences of navigating the planning system & influencing the use of social infrastructure money
  • Discuss where the barriers are opportunities for influencing might be
  • Identify areas of knowledge we are missing, to inform the next workshop


This will be followed by an all-day, face-to-face event in September, where we will “hack” the planning system.

These two events are part of the work of the community-led regeneration network.
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We’d love to hear from you about any suggestions for future topics. Please email us