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We know that Big Locals are doing brilliant things, but how does your Big Local know you’re making a difference? And in what way do you share this with your community and other stakeholders so that it means something to them?

‘How do we know we’re making a difference?’ is the first in a series of measuring change learning and networking events which have been developed based on conversations with Big Local areas. This event is for Big Local people on the ground who are making things happen every day. It’s for those people who see and feel the changes in people.

Through this event you will:

  • Develop your Big Local areas’ thinking about the change you want to make and begin to develop a plan to make this happen.
  • Network with and hear from other Big Local areas about how they are measuring the difference they’re making and think about how this might help you in your area.
  • Learn more about the benefits of measuring change, and deciding what to measure, looking at your Big Local plan to help you as a starting point.
  • Understand where to access more support or consider what further support you might need in the future.

We ask for between two and four people from a Big Local area to attend, including at least one resident partnership member, so there can be an in-depth discussion about what it is your Big Local is trying to achieve. Due to the importance of having multiple people from a Big Local attending the event and limited places, you may not be able to attend if you are the only person attending from your area.

Agenda for Wednesday 21 August

10:00Registration and refreshments
10:15Introductions - to the day, to each other and to ways of working.
10:35Match the stat
An informal activity to introduce some facts and figures about Big Local, the difference it is making nationally, and think about the role of statistics in measuring and articulating change.
11:008 out of 10 cats prefer…
A practical and light-hearted look at recognising that what is important to one person may not be to another… and the importance of being clear about what your partnership, collectively, wants to achieve.
11:45Stories of change! An opportunity to tell each other about some of the changes in your area, celebrate them, and begin to answer the questio
n 'how do you know it's working'.
12:30Lunch and networking
13:15Post-lunch activity - (you’ll have to wait and see….!)
13:30Tools of the trade…
What methods are we all using to measure change in Big Local areas? An introduction to what is happening already, and sharing some tools you might like to try
13:55Measuring Change – Action Planning
An exercise teasing out where you want to get to in your area and, working backwards, identify how you will know you are getting there, and how you will measure the difference it is making.Each area will come away with an individual plan of action.
15:00Evidence Collection: How will we know its working? Understanding the ways we can check if our changes are progressing, what evidence will we collect and what might it tell us? Exploring what we can do to analyse, harness and gather information to understand the story it tells us and how people might get involved.
15:35Resources and support to help you
Introducing Local Insight, ARVAC Community Research toolkit, Local Trust offer of support and more…… A chance to think about what you might need.
15:55Recap and reflections
16:05Course evaluation
16:15Thanks and close

More about this event

The event is free for anyone who lives or works in a Big Local area and we will provide lunch. We also provide financial support for travel, childcare and other care costs to residents in Big Local areas. We can also book and pay for travel in advance. For information on expenses and support, please email us or phone 020 3588 0565

If you are attending a Big Local event as part of your paid work/employment then we ask that your employer cover your expenses. However, we can pay or contribute towards worker’s expenses in exceptional circumstances. Please ask when booking for further information.

How to apply

Spaces are first come, first served. Due to the importance of having multiple people from a Big Local attending the event and limited places, you may not be able to attend if you are the only person attending from your area.

This event is now fully booked.