The impact of lockdown and social distancing during coronavirus has led to many people experiencing increased loneliness and isolation.

Join us for a learning and networking event during Loneliness Awareness week at which we’ll hear from Tracey Robbins, Head of UK Delivery at Eden Project Communities on how we can reduce the stigma of loneliness, talk to others about it and build relationships and networks to support each other during this isolating time. It will also be a chance to share ideas and solutions about how to identify and reach people who might be more isolated and lonely.

Come away with

  • A greater understanding of loneliness and how it affects different people
  • New ideas about how to support people experiencing loneliness in your Big Local area during COVID-19

This is also an opportunity to think about building on the vast number of new community connections and outreach that Big Local areas have been doing in response to the COVID-19 crisis. How can we maximize those efforts, connect with lonely people during this crisis and ensure those connections are sustained into the future?


If you have any questions, please get in touch.