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As part of our online learning programme, we have joined with Aligned Consultancy to run two sessions on how Big Local areas can use community research to understand the changes they are making in their area.

Local Trust have been offering ongoing support to Big Local areas to help them reflect on the changes they have made in their community.

As part of our online learning programme, we want to support Big Local areas to learn how to use community research to understand the changes they make in their community. This session is for people who want to learn how they can find out more about their community and the work they do using community research tools and techniques.


Please note this is two-part training held across two mornings and if you sign up the expectation is that you can attend both sessions:

  • Part 1 – Tuesday 1st December, 10am – 12:30pm
  • Part 2 – Tuesday 8th December, 10am – 12:30pm


This training will introduce you to:

  • why you might want to do a community research project
  • how to do a community research project
  • what you can do after you have completed a research project.

After the training you will be able to:

  • describe the purpose of community research
  • identify the steps required for planning community research
  • detect any ethical considerations in community research
  • describe different research methods and their advantages and disadvantages
  • identify appropriate methods and tools to carry out the research
  • analyse, interpret and present qualitative data
  • identify how to make best use of the results of research

The session will be facilitated by Sarah Frost, Simon Rippon and Rob Vincent from Aligned Consultancy.

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