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Join a discussion with economist and author Grace Blakeley as we explore the possibility of a new economy after the pandemic

At the heart of Local Trust and the Big Local programme, is a vision of empowered, resilient, dynamic, asset-rich communities making their own decisions on what is best for their area.  

This is why we’re excited to be hosting a series of talks with several leading experts and high-profile thinkers on how, after coronavirus, we can build a better economy, society, and planet, with community power as a core element. 

These one-on-one discussions will explore the post-pandemic economy, the transition to a low carbon society, the future of work and how it should be rewarded, and what happens when citizens want both more local and global governance. 

Each discussion will also look specifically at the idea of community power and its future role beyond COVID-19. 

Our first event is with Grace Blakeley, economist and author of The Corona Crash: How the Pandemic Will Change Capitalism. 

At this event Grace will discuss and explore some of the key themes in her new book, which is due for release 27 October. In The Corona Crash book, she theorises about the epoch-making changes that the coronavirus brings in its wake. The pandemic has caused the deepest global recession since the Second World War.  

Whatever happens, we can never go back to business as usual. Grace argues the crisis will tip us into a new era of monopoly capitalism, as the corporate economy collapses into the arms of the state, and the tech giants grow to unprecedented proportions. 

Grace posits that we need a radical response, as the recovery could see the transformation of our political, economic, and social systems based on the principles of the Green New Deal. If not, the alternatives, as she warns, may be even worse than we feared. 

This one-hour long event will see Grace open with some initial remarks, before engaging in a wider dialogue and Q&A session. 

It is open to all and free to attend, and will take place online using Zoom. Please feel free to share details of this event with your friends, family, and colleagues. 

We are particularly keen to see residents and partnership members from Big Local communities participate. 

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