What are the impacts and causes of air pollution?

Many Big Local areas are located in places that have poor air quality, and as the evidence around the impacts of this ‘invisible killer’ become clearer, it is has become a focus for some Big Local partnerships.

Along with areas being located in areas near main roads or heavy industry, access to public transport provision means there is a reliance on cars to get to work or services, which adds a layer of challenge to changing behaviour around car use. But Big Local residents are well placed to make a difference.

This third event in the ‘Love your Environment’ learning cluster will cover the impacts and causes of air pollution, and look at the environmental and health impacts of different forms of transport, and how Big Local areas have and can respond.

Attendees will hear from speakers from the Environmental Research Group at Kings College London, who are leaders in understanding how air pollution is impacting health, along with senior staff at Public Health England who have researched effective interventions. Along with the inspiring community organisations and activists (some from Big Local areas) who are working hard to improve air quality, and improve transport options and health where they live.

More about this event

The event is free for anyone who lives or works in a Big Local area and we will provide lunch. Learning & Networking events are open to all Big Local residents, but we do expect attendees to bring some knowledge of the Big Local programme with them, and to feed back the learning from the event to support the delivery of the Big Local plan. Where events are oversubscribed we need to give priority to people who are supporting the delivery of Big Local in their area. We also provide financial support for travel, childcare and other care costs to residents in Big Local areas. We can also book and pay for travel in advance. For information on expenses and support, please email us info@localtrust.org.uk or phone 020 3588 0565

if you are attending a Big Local event as part of your paid work/employment then we ask that your employer cover your expenses. However, we can pay or contribute towards worker’s expenses in exceptional circumstances. Please ask when booking for further information.



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