Equality, Diversity and Inclusion consultant/consultancy

Closing date: 7 May 2021 - 12:00 am


The Community Wealth Fund campaign team wants to undertake a programme of work on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and is seeking an appropriately qualified and experienced consultant to advise and support. Please download the full tender document at the bottom of this page for full details. 

Submitting a proposal

We request that interested consultants/consultancies send us a brief proposal of no more than four pages, not including CVs or other supporting information, which can be included in annexes, including:

  1. a brief description of two other similar projects they have worked on and their distinct contribution to them
  2. a recommended approach – for example, would they suggest conducting an EIA (on the work programme, on the proposal or both) and what should be the core elements of the work programme
  3. an outline of what they see as the main risks to achieving a good outcome and how they would mitigate them.

Tenders should be submitted on or before 12pm midday (UK time) on 7 May 2021 to margaret.bolton@localtrust.org.uk.

Download invitation to tender