Dispute and conflict resolution in Big Local areas


Local Trust, our partners and people in Big Local areas are passionate about what we’re doing. We believe that Big Local has the potential to support residents to increase their skills and confidence and make a lasting difference to where they live while bringing them together to make their areas even better places in which to live. However we know that people don’t always agree and that it’s normal for groups to experience disagreement and conflict.

We are interested in working with organisations that can support the resolution of disputes and conflict between people and groups in Big Local areas.

Please see full details in the tender link below. 

Submitting a proposal

If you are interested in submitting a proposal then please email your application in line with the guidance below by 10am on the 28th September 2020 to programmes@localtrust.org.uk. This should be clearly marked “Dispute resolution in Big Local.”  

Please submit a proposal of no more than 8 pages that outlines: 

  • An overall of your organisation and the key staff involved. This should include previous relevant experience of delivering similar support, including whether you have worked on projects of similar size, scope and purpose to Big Local. Include any knowledge or experience of resident-led activity, the voluntary and community sector and community development; 
  • Summary CVs of those who would lead the support; 
  • Your understanding of what is required under the brief 
  • Details of how you would deliver, manage and report on the contract, including the methods you would adopt during dispute resolution and why 
  • A brief explanation of your proposed approach where social distancing and/or lockdown regulations are in force, and any experience you have of carrying out this type of work in these conditions;
  • Any other relevant information that will assist us in our decision, including the added value that you could bring to Big Local and Local Trust 
  • An estimate budget and breakdown of costs per dispute;
  • The contact details, including email address, of the person leading the application process from your organisation or partnership;
  • Two referees from previous similar work;

You can include CVs as appendices, which do not count towards the page limit and please declare any potential conflicts of interest, including whether or not you are in receipt of Big Local funding either directly or indirectly.  

Big Local dispute resolution tender