Community responses to digital inclusion

Closing date: 26 October 2020 - 9:00 am


Local Trust is looking for an experienced learning partner to develop and support a peer-learning group that will explore how to tackle digital exclusion in their area. Please download the full tender document at the bottom of this page for full details. 

Submitting a proposal

If you are interested in submitting a proposal then please email your application in line with the guidance below by 9am on the 26th October 2020 to

Please submit a proposal of no more than 10 pages that outlines:

  • An overall curriculum for the cluster and the learning journey participants would go on;
  • How you would deliver the cluster, including the approach you would take to delivering the sessions, and any other people or organisations you would bring in to support;
  • Your experience and knowledge of digital inclusion and exclusion issues, in particular reference to community-led projects you have experience of working with;
  • Your experience of facilitating learning events and the types of audiences you have experience working with (CVs can be added as addenda, and do not count towards the page limit);
  • The support you would need from Local Trust to deliver the cluster;
  • A budget covering development, delivery and follow-up costs. This should include an indicative estimate of any speaker fees, as well as materials and the facilitator’s time & expenses

Big Local digital inclusion tender