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We need people with more gumption, less fear in our communities

From the project research team at IVAR

That's what one person said to our researchers when we dropped into Big Local's fabulous annual Spring Events. So, what is 'gumption'? The dictionary says it's about courage, confidence, spirit and determination. 

And how do you build 'gumption'? Some of the things people said can help were: having the chance to do new things; getting out of your patch so that you can bring in new ideas; being allowed to get on with things and not being told what to do; feeling like you are part of something; and feeling secure about voicing opinions. Those things take time.

As part of this research, we’re asking people about how communities can take control and what may be standing in their way. Join the conversation on twitter #Empowered2020s or click here for more ways to get involved. 

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