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Plant a 'vision tree' at your next event

How can communities become more empowered and vibrant in the next ten years? This is the question at the heart of Empowered Communities and although it’s a biggie, it’s something we’re inviting everyone – from expert to neighbour – to share their own response to.

It’s also a question that opens new and unexpected conversations – conversations which explore what people value in their community, what could be better, who holds power and what vision of the future people are inspired by.

Add your response

We’re inviting as many people as possible to share their answers and we’re collecting them in one place — the Empowered Communities ‘vision tree’. Taking part is simple – write your answer onto one of our tags (or tweet it) and we’ll tie it onto the tree so that people at following events can see it and add their own ideas too.

Where to find it

We’re sending our ‘vision tree’ on tour to events, meetings, public spaces and gatherings to reach as wide a range of people as we can. The tour started in March and the tree will be at all of the Big Local Spring Events, gathering fresh ideas in Liverpool, Sheffield, Birmingham, Newcastle and London.

Artificial tree decorated with hand written tags

Book the tree

If you are part of a community, or support a community or network you can also use the Empowered Communities vision tree to start your own conversation.

The tree is available to groups, organisations and venues who want to start their own conversation about the future of communities. We can talk to you about how you might want to hold that conversation or you can use it in whatever way works for your group.

Answers on a postcard

If you can’t get to the tree yourself, you can still add your answer to the question by phoning or writing to Local Trust, or tweeting us @LocalTrust. We’ll add your comment to the tree so everyone can see it.

What are people saying

Among the responses we’ve already had are ‘Put young people in the driving seat’, ‘Focus on fun’ and ‘Tolerance and collaboration’. Do you share these views or have something different to say? If you want to have your say, you know what to do.

Our phones are down

2 Jan 2019: Our office is open but our phones are not working. Please email us at while we fix them and we will respond to messages as soon as we can.

Got it

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