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Big Local

What is Big Local?

Big Local is an exciting opportunity for residents in 150 areas in England - to spend £1million or more each on making a massive difference to their communities. Read more

Who’s involved in Big Local?

Many people are involved in making Big Local a success. But three partners are especially important in the funding and planning: the Big Local partnership, Local Trust, and the locally trusted organisation. Read more

Big Local partnerships

A Big Local partnership is a group of at least eight people who guide the overall direction of Big Local in your area. The majority (at least 51%) of partnership members are people who live within your Big Local area. Read more

Locally trusted organisations

A locally trusted organisation is the organisation chosen by your Big Local partnership to administer and account for the distribution of your funding, and/or deliver activities or services on behalf of the Big Local partnership. Read more

Workers and Big Local

Many Big Local partnerships fund workers to support the delivery of Big Local. It might be someone to help manage Big Local tasks, such as a project manager; someone to engage with the community, such as a development worker; or someone to give specialist advice and guidance, such as a personal debt advisor. Read more


Big Local depends on volunteers - people who give their time and energy for the benefit of their area. That may mean helping steer a local project, or joining a partnership, or one of the many other ways in which people can take part according to their own interests, skills and availability. Read more

Jargon buster

Explanations to some of the language used for Big Local. Read more

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