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Big Local

Delivering Big Local

This document sets out four different approaches that Big Local areas are taking to deliver Big Local plans, once these have been endorsed. Read more

The Big Local plan

The Big Local plan describes how your area will work towards becoming an even better place to live. It captures and builds on your vision, priorities and actions. It describes how your partnership will use a range of resources in the best possible way. Read more

Reviewing your Big Local plan

We need you to review your Big Local plan, so that you know if you have achieved what you set out to. Read more

Different approaches to being a Big Local partner

Each Big Local area partnership has its own way of working. Whichever approach you decide on, you will need to meet our criteria, as set out in our guidance on Big Local partnerships. Read more

Differences of opinion and conflicts within a Big Local partnership

This document is to help Big Local partnerships think about how to respond to differences of opinion and conflicts within the partnership. Read more

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