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Big Local

Managing Big Local funding

This guidance is written for people in locally trusted organisations that have a funding agreement with Local Trust, and are responsible for administering and accounting for the distribution of Big Local funding. Read more

Big Local partnerships becoming their own locally trusted organisation

We know that some Big Local partnerships are interested in becoming their own locally trusted organisation, with a funding agreement with Local Trust. If you are considering this we have set out how we approach this, our requirements and some of the things you might need to do. Read more

Support and funding available to people in Big Local areas

Big Local is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and managed by Local Trust. In addition to your £1m, we provide a range of funding and support to Big Local areas to help you make Big Local a success. Read more

Social investment and Big Local

This guide will help you consider some of the different – and sometimes more innovative – ways that some of your funding can be used. Read more

Guidance on additionality related to Big Local money

Big Local is a programme funded by the Big Lottery Fund, and the trust deed for the Big Local Trust states that Big Local money “should not simply replace statutory funding that meets a statutory obligation". This means that Big Local funding needs to be ‘additional’ to public funding (things national and local government should fund). Read more

Funding agreements for Big Local plans

A funding agreement is a document that sets out the terms on which we fund an organisation with Big Local money, on your behalf. Read more

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