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Fratton is the second most densely populated electoral ward in Portsmouth which is itself, the most densely populated city outside of London.

We’ve been out and about talking to as many people as we possibly can. This has helped us not only to talk to people about Fratton but also to promote the project and encourage others to take part. We have tried to go out and talk to the largest cross section of residents possible, so we have seen and talked to parents of young and school age children, the elderly and others attending the community centre or community groups within the area. We have had a presence at a variety of events such as a charity day at the community centre, the May Fayre, the Strawberry tea and Olympic torch event based at St. Mary’s church. This work continues.

As well as going out to meetings, we’ve asked members of the steering group and key members of the community to use their networks to gather information from Fratton residents. This information has been collected in a variety of different ways such as interviews, flip cameras, informal talks with people, the film and the more conventional questionnaires.

We’ve also managed to form a small but committed group of volunteers who are passionate about their area and the project and want to make a difference. It’s likely that these people will be involved and play an integral part in the key projects that come out of the community plan. 

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