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Elmton, Creswell and Hodthorpe

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Elmton, Creswell and Hodthorpe is based in the Bolsover North Electoral division. The area is one of the most deprived areas within the county and is the fifth highest ranking within Bolsover District. Bolsover North has high levels of crime, unemployment, child poverty and those who are eligible and claiming free school meals than the Derbyshire average.

The aim of Big Local is for local people to make their communities even better places to live in, now and in the future. Individual members within the Big Local action group have been asking people their views about the area, what they like and what they would like to improve. The group has done this informally as well as formally.

The people who live in Elmton, Creswell and Hodthorpe make decisions through the Big Local action group. They will write a local plan which will be based on the ideas of local people. Once the plan is agreed with Local Trust, the partnership can start to spend the money on the priorities in the plan.

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