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Withernsea's dancing fountains are splashing fun on the promenade


April 2018

"Ryan’s team played on the fact that “estate is such a loaded word”, and “there was no getting away from the fact that this is an estate.” The challenge was to change perceptions, so they heroed Newington’s “estate” status and built it into the rebrand: they used bold black graphics and bright colours (a practical choice, “easy to reprint on coloured paper to put up in community centres”) and phrases like “Estate of Enablers” and “The Revolution Will Be Monetised” (the cover for a participatory budgeting pamphlet) that captured the sense of “a movement” became the brand’s visual identity."

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"Our grants are now going to much more diverse members of the community." You can find more from Mark…

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#BigLocal areas are being offered access to new specialist support through 4 partnerships announced today. The sup…

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Our phones are down

2 Jan 2019: Our office is open but our phones are not working. Please email us at while we fix them and we will respond to messages as soon as we can.

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