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The legacy of Big Local

What does legacy mean to Big Local areas?

January 2018

The purpose of the research was to explore what the five Big Local areas close to spending their £1 million were thinking and doing about the legacy of Big Local. By legacy we mean “What remains when the Big Local £1 million is spent”. By understanding what these areas were doing, Local Trust would then be able to think about the support, communication and information to other areas as they approach the end of their funding. The objectives were:

  • To document what Big Local areas near the end of spending the £1 million were thinking and doing about the legacy of their Big Local.
  • To explore these activities around legacy and the meanings Big Local areas attributed to them.
  • To provide Local Trust with an understanding of the potential support and resources that could be provided to Big Local areas about legacy.

Read the accompanying blog from Jeremy Yung, senior researcher at Local Trust, to find out how legacy can apply to your area.

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