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Concerns and complaints about Big Local

May 2017

When concerns or complaints are brought to our attention we support those who are directly involved or affected to resolve the issue locally, as this leads to better and more lasting positive solutions and it encourages everyone to take responsibility. So, when we receive a concern or complaint, it will be directed to those who are directly involved, which includes members of the Big Local partnership and the locally trusted organisation. We will also share your correspondence with the Big Local rep, as they act on our behalf in areas.

Because we believe in open and full review as the path to resolution, we do not accept anonymous complaints. If you don’t give us your consent to share your concern we will not take any action. In the case of whistleblowing relating to fraud, corruption or other criminal activity, you should report it to us and to the police.

Submitting complaints and concerns

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If you would like to submit a concern or complaint please submit it in writing with the following information:

  • your name
  • your contact information, including email or postal address
  • details of the concern along with any supporting information or evidence
  • consent to discuss your concerns or complaints with those directly involved in Big Local, including the partnership and locally trusted organisation

Supporting resolutions

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Sometimes additional support can be useful in getting to resolution. In these cases the matter will be referred to an approved support provider. They will contact the relevant people within five working days and the process will involve one-to-one conversations and/or group facilitated meetings.

The facilitators will not tell you what to do or make a judgement. Their role is to provide an opportunity for open and honest discussion about what is needed to resolve the issue and support Big Local to move forward positively at a local level.

We aim for the process to take 4 to 8 weeks but this may vary depending on the number of people involved and the availability of the participants. Everyone involved will be kept informed of progress and timescales.

Please note that it is usual for Big Local related activities to continue while the process takes place. Where this is not appropriate, we will inform the Big Local partnership and locally trusted organisation.

Communications identified as 'not for action'

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In almost all instances complaints are made in good faith and reflect a real concern that the individual(s) have and we treat them seriously as described above. Occasionally a complaint can be marked ‘not for action’. This might be because they are repeat or persistent complaints from the same individual(s), which have no substance or which have already been reviewed and concluded.


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We carefully monitor the support we provide and use the learning to inform the Big Local programme.

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