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Behavioural Insights Team

July 2015

BIT helps projects, organisations and groups achieve more by using insights about human behaviour (from psychology and behavioural economics) to find ways to improve processes and systems.

These improvements usually involve small changes that encourage people to make better choices for themselves. BIT conduct rigorous scientific testing of the interventions, to measure impact and improve further.

We know that lots of areas find engaging people locally a challenge and that some often don’t get the success their efforts deserve.

BIT helps areas look at the problem from a different angle and identify small but powerful changes to help reach out to their community. The result could be attracting new members to your Big Local partnership, encouraging a greater number of active volunteers, driving up attendance at an event or increasing footfall at a community centre.

BIT is currently working with Gannow Big Local to unpack the reasons why people in the Big local area find it difficult to engage with community life.

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