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Academy of Urbanism

July 2015

The Academy of Urbanism is built on the knowledge and experience of over 500 specialists from a range of backgrounds, including planning, design, policy and community. Known as 'Academicians' they are passionate about how they can help people transform the places where they live.

The Academy’s mission is to learn from place and share experiences of what works well. It runs programmes to recognise, encourage and celebrate great places across the UK, Europe and beyond, and the people and organisations that create and sustain them. At the centre of the Academy’s work is the principle of collaboration and the importance of community leadership to building successful places.

The Academy will deliver a pilot programme of Diagnostic Workshops with Big Local areas. This will mean working intensively and directly in a Big Local area over two days to identify and reinforce the strengths of their place, recognise constraints on greater success and help address those constraints. The Academy of Urbanism can offer specialist advice on placemaking and connect Big Local areas to new opportunities and networks. The Academy will also help partnerships develop a fresh and different approach to thinking about their Big Local area and plan.

The Academy of Urbanism has carried out Diagnostic workshops in Heston West and Westfield Big Local.

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Pilot project pairs The Academy of Urbanism with 3 Big Local areas

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