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Big Local support partners

Helping Big Local areas achieve their goals

September 2018

Local Trust has engaged a range of support partners to help Big Local areas deliver on their plans. From behavioural analysis to managing land, the Big Local support partners work closely with Big Local partnerships to focus on a particular idea or project that addresses the priorities within their community.

Each of these partnerships are in pilot at the moment– but we will be announcing exciting new opportunities in due course.

Keep an eye on our news releases for updates.


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UnLtd have been working with Big Local communities since the programme began, providing expert support and funding to social entrepreneurs in numerous different Big Local areas. In 2018 UnLtd, Local Trust and 19 Big Local areas began a new partnership: Enterprising Communities. The programme represented a £2.8 Million investment in building sustainable and socially beneficial local economic growth in 19 Big Local communities.

UnLtd recognises that social entrepreneurs are uniquely well-placed to create change in their local areas because they deeply understand the problems facing their communities. The new partnership will support Big Local areas who are working to make their places even better, boosting confidence and inspiring other local people to tackle the challenges that matter to them.

As well as making funding available to social entrepreneurs, the programme will also deliver an ambitious schedule of training and learning events/workshops. These include the learning Journeys which take social entrepreneurs and partnership members to some of the most exciting projects across UnLtd’s network.

UnLtd are currently working with:

  • Riverside Community Big Local
  • South Bermondsey Big Local
  • St James Street Area Big Local
  • William Morris Big Local
  • Dover Big Local
  • Par Bay Big Local
  • St Peter's and the Moors South Big Local
  • Whitleigh Big Local
  • Birchfield Big Local
  • Palfrey Big Local
  • Central Jarrow Big Local
  • Collyhurst Big Local
  • Little Hulton Big Local
  • Sale West Big Local
  • Barrowcliff Big Local
  • Greatfield Big Local
  • Keighley Valley Big Local
  • Tang Hall Big Local
  • Bountagu Big Local

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Shared Assets

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Local Trust’s partnership with Shared Assets brings expertise in new models of land management that are financially sustainable and create livelihoods and shared public spaces in Big Local areas.

The partnership will provide advice, support and opportunities for knowledge-sharing to people from Big Local areas who want to transform land, that may be neglected or underused, into useful and productive spaces that support livelihoods and bring important benefits to the community.

Big Local areas have shown huge ambition for land management to form part of the legacy and on-going sustainability of projects. With Shared Assets Big Locals are exploring where the opportunities are, what challenges exist and what support might help take some of their ideas to the next level.

Shared Assets is currently working on land based projects with:

  • Par Bay Big Local
  • North Cleethorpes Big Local
  • Leecliffe Big Local
  • Clubmoor Big Local
  • Gateshead Big Local

Projects include:

  • Identifying land and carrying out a feasibility study for a BMX track.
  • Identifying space for a community garden and supporting development
  • A large scale social investment project to either build or modernise a structure, which could be turned into social housing and business incubator hubs.

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Behavioural Insights Team

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BIT helps projects, organisations and groups achieve more by using insights about human behaviour (from psychology and behavioural economics) to find ways to improve processes and systems.

These improvements usually involve small changes that encourage people to make better choices for themselves. BIT conduct rigorous scientific testing of the interventions, to measure impact and improve further.

We know that lots of areas find engaging people locally a challenge and that some often don’t get the success their efforts deserve.

BIT helps areas look at the problem from a different angle and identify small but powerful changes to help reach out to their community. The result could be attracting new members to your Big Local partnership, encouraging a greater number of active volunteers, driving up attendance at an event or increasing footfall at a community centre.

BIT is currently working with Gannow Big Local to unpack the reasons why people in the Big local area find it difficult to engage with community life.

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Academy of Urbanism

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The Academy of Urbanism is built on the knowledge and experience of over 500 specialists from a range of backgrounds, including planning, design, policy and community. Known as 'Academicians' they are passionate about how they can help people transform the places where they live.

The Academy’s mission is to learn from place and share experiences of what works well. It runs programmes to recognise, encourage and celebrate great places across the UK, Europe and beyond, and the people and organisations that create and sustain them. At the centre of the Academy’s work is the principle of collaboration and the importance of community leadership to building successful places.

The Academy will deliver a pilot programme of Diagnostic Workshops with Big Local areas. This will mean working intensively and directly in a Big Local area over two days to identify and reinforce the strengths of their place, recognise constraints on greater success and help address those constraints. The Academy of Urbanism can offer specialist advice on placemaking and connect Big Local areas to new opportunities and networks. The Academy will also help partnerships develop a fresh and different approach to thinking about their Big Local area and plan.

The Academy of Urbanism has carried out Diagnostic workshops in Heston West and Westfield Big Local.

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