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Communications and conversations in Kirk Hallam

Keeping up contact between the Big Local partnership and the rest of the community

October 2016

Time spent working out how to reach different people in the community has paid off in Big Kirk Hallam. Regular conversations have kept residents up to date and brought in fresh ideas – but don’t expect everyone to get involved.

For example, listening to what kids want and responding with popular activities like the Passport Project and the Big Camp Out, increased contact and conversations with their parents too.

What people say

‘You need a range of ways to get people involved, it’s about that recognition of different levels of engagement.’

‘Don’t get frustrated! Be patient, it will all come together that way, if you are doing what the residents want. Try your best, work hard and don’t give up.’

Top tips from Big Kirk Hallam

  • Talk to the community about what they want, not what the partnership wants.
  • Be patient and don’t give up! If you are doing what residents want it will all come together.
  • An activity that might seem small can trigger something much bigger, so remember to value what is already underway. 

Research insight

Big Local areas use different approaches to engagement. Those ranked as most effective are:

  • communications and conversations
  • community events and celebrations
  • targeted work.

Find out more

For more information, download the case study PDF below. This case study was prepared as part of NCVO’s research Community engagement within Big Local

Download case study

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