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Submit your films for the Big Local film festival

March 2017

Your area could be shown on the big screen this summer at the first ever Big Local film festival.

About the Festival

Big Local’s first film festival is happening on Saturday 1 July 2017 at the University of Birmingham – save the date! It will be a day for celebrating, watching and discussing all the film-making happening in Big Local areas, with the chance to brush up on film making skills too. It’s hosted by the team behind Our Bigger Story (the multimedia evaluation of Big Local), and we’ll be showing some films made as part of Our Bigger Story, along with a lucky few films selected from those we receive from across all the Big Local areas.

Submit your film

The festival team are not asking you to make a film especially for this event – they’re asking you to trawl your area’s Facebook page, scroll your area’s website or look up those YouTube links for Big Local related films you already have that deserve a bigger audience, such as:

  • that video you made about your Big Local community event
  • that fabulous interview you did with a resident during your Big Local consultations
  • that mini-documentary of your Big Local project that you’re really proud of.

There won’t be time on the day to show all the films we receive, but send in yours to be in with a chance.  All the films we receive, whether they’re screened at the film festival or not, will be uploaded to Local Trust’s YouTube channel, for everyone to enjoy.


Length: The ideal film length is 5 minutes long or less, but we can consider slightly longer ones up to 8 minutes.  

Accessibility and consent: The film must already be in the public domain e.g. published publicly online.

Quality: ‘Viewable’ quality i.e. sound and visuals need to be good enough for the audience to understand everything.

Content: To feature projects or issues that will be of interest to other Big Local areas, related to one or more of the following themes:

  • Work with children and young people
  • Tourism and heritage
  • Impact of Big Local on individuals
  • Local economy and financial inclusion
  • Getting people involved in Big Local
  • Developing people’s skills and confidence 
  • Employment
  • Catalysing or managing change
  • Leadership and influence
  • Legacy and sustainability

Overall the judging panel will also try to choose a selection of films that together reflect the diversity of Big Local activities and communities.

The judging panel will include representatives from the Our Bigger Story research team, Local Trust and six Big Local areas involved in Our Bigger Story.

How to submit: Deadline extended!

Email the link to your film to by 11.00pm on Monday 17 April. Please include in your email your name, your Big Local area and your role in Big Local e.g. Big Local partnership member. It’s also useful if you can say which theme (from the list above) you think your film best fits.

What will happen next

We’ll let you know in mid May if your film will be shown. Places to attend the Festival will be free for all Big Local residents – we expect that booking will open in April. 

We look forward to seeing your films!


Our phones are down

2 Jan 2019: Our office is open but our phones are not working. Please email us at while we fix them and we will respond to messages as soon as we can.

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