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Using open data in Big Local

Learn more about where to find open data, how to interpret and use it.

Monday 3 December 10:00am - 4:00pm

Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BE

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Book now by contacting Lindsay Street on 020 3588 0575 or email

About this event

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Data isn’t going anywhere. The collection and interpretation of facts that underpin our daily life have become increasingly valuable as governments and organisations seek to use data to explain and justify their decisions. But data doesn’t just belong to them.

Big Local areas can use open data to gain better understanding of their neighbourhood and paint a picture that can engage a range of different stakeholders. It can also support both monitoring and evaluation of activities and support funding applications. Open data, defined by 360Giving as 'data and content that can be freely used, modified and shared by anyone for any purpose’, can also be used in combination with other data that Big Local areas have, including surveys or testimonies.

We already offer different support for areas to use open data, such as Local Insight, and this event will be an opportunity to learn more about finding, using and interpreting data.

This event is for Big Local areas who want to learn more about where to find open data, how to interpret and use it. You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience of using data to attend this event, just a willingness to learn.

Who is this event for?
It is for people in Big Local areas who want to:

  • Learn about where to find open data and how to access it, including how to get the most out of Local Insight
  • Develop skills in interpreting data and applying it to their existing knowledge of their Big Local area
  • Share how they have used open data with other Big Local areas

What is it going to cover?
This event will include:

  • What data is, including different types of data, and what data is for
  • Tips and tricks on how to better search for data
  • Provide an overview of how to use Local Insight
  • The opportunity to share how you have used open data, including a case study from a Big Local area
  • Working in small groups to dig deeper into the data and think about what it means for your area

Agenda Monday 3 December

Time Description

Registration & refreshments


Welcome and introductions


Introduction to data

What it is and what it's for


How to better search for data

Tips and tricks to make finding data easier


Overview of Local Insight

Hear from someone at OCSI, who manage Local Insight, about how to get the most out of the tool




Working with open data in Big Local

Hear from a Big Local area about how they're using open data


Tea break


What does open data mean in my Big Local area?

Take open data about your area, working with others, to apply it to your existing knowledge and think about what it means in your area.


Feedback and what's next

More about this event

The event is free for anyone who lives or works in a Big Local area and we will provide lunch. We also provide financial support for travel, childcare and other care costs to residents in Big Local areas. We can also book and pay for travel in advance. For information on expenses and support, please email us or phone 020 3588 0565

If you are attending a Big Local event as part of your paid work/employment then we ask that your employer cover your expenses. However, we can pay or contribute towards worker’s expenses in exceptional circumstances. Please ask when booking for further information.

Interested in participating? Want more information?

There are a maximum of 25 places available. To ensure as many areas can take part as possible we are initially limiting places to 2 per area. Register your place here.

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