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#Empowered2020s Twitter chat


Thursday 21 September 6:00pm - 7:30pm

To take part use #Empowered2020s on

About this event

Join us on Twitter using #Empowered2020s to share your experiences and opinions about the future of communities. Our researchers from @IVAR_UK will be online to chat on Thursday 21 September from 6pm.

The researchers want to hear your fresh perspectives on knotty questions that have come up in the Empowered Communities in the 2020s research so far, including:

  • What motivates you to get involved in your community?
  • How can young people have more of a say in decisions that affect them in their communities?
  • How do you think your community/communities across the UK will be affected by Brexit?
  • How are people you know influencing businesses and services in their community?

Everyone is welcome to take part and we’re teaming up with youth news platform ShoutOutUK to help us involve young people aged 16-25.

Don’t miss this chance to pick up new ideas and have your views heard: all tweets tagged with #Empowered2020s on the night will be reviewed by the IVAR researchers and form part of the Empowered Communities research project. Through the research project we’re asking, ‘How can communities become more empowered and vibrant in the next ten years?’

How to take part

You will need a Twitter account to take part. Sign up for free at

Search for #Empowered2020s on Twitter to see the conversation, and participate by using #Empowered2020s in your tweets too.

If you haven't joined a Twitter chat before, here are some tips on how to take part.

The researchers will be managing the conversation for about an hour from 6pm, but you can carry on tweeting using #Empowered2020s throughout the evening and the researchers will review your tweets and include them in their research.

Help spread the word

Everyone is welcome to participate so please share the opportunity with your networks. Retweet this tweet to invite your followers to join in.

More about this event

If you can’t make the Twitter chat or want to write more, you can also contribute by completing this survey.

You don’t have to book, but it helps if you let us know that you plan to join the chat. Why not drop us a tweet @LocalTrust to let us know you're coming?

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