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London Spring Event

Saturday 27 May 10:30am - 3:30pm

Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ

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About this event

We’re really excited about our fresh line-up of workshops for Spring Events 2017. You'll leave feeling energised and ready to continue your Big Local journey! 

  • Explore topics that are relevant to your area, through a wide range of workshops.
  • Learn about opportunities that could help you achieve your ambitions for your area.
  • Enjoy inspiring conversations, good food and creative activities.
  • Share your experience and meet others involved in Big Local, including our new chief executive Matt Leach.

See what's on at London Spring Event below, or click to download the agenda as a PDF. 

Agenda London

Time Description

Arrival, hot drinks and breakfast


Welcome, get to know each other activity and update on Big Local


Choice of workshops

  • Leaving a legacy: What might leaving a legacy mean for your Big Local area? SO18 Big Local have been exploring this, and considering the variety of ways they can make a lasting difference. Find out what the partnership has done and what they've learnt along the way, and join in a conversation to share your own ideas and thinking about what legacy means to you. (SO18 Big Local)
  • How to partner with your local housing association: Many social landlords now have aims in common with Big Local and are investing in supporting communities. Southern Housing Group’s community investment programme helps tenants access training and jobs, providing digital skills, financial advice and supporting people into work. Get ideas for working with your housing association. (Southern Housing Group)
  • Using data for your Big Local plan: Data about Big Local areas comes in many different forms. We’ll discuss how data can be used to help with planning and reviewing your activities, offering practical tips about what you can and can’t do with different types of data. Find out about a Big Local area’s experiences of involving community researchers as part of Big Local. (School for Public Health Research — SPHR)
  • Bringing the generations together through the arts: Magic Me is an arts charity that brings different generations together through shared, creative activities. Young people aged 8+ and adults aged 60+ meet in schools, museums, care homes, and cultural spaces to take part in activities which stimulate conversation and an exchange of ideas. This session will help you think creatively about opportunities for older people in your area. (Magic Me)
  • Dispute and conflict resolution: We know people don’t always agree and that it’s normal for groups to argue. But it’s not always easy to resolve issues and move on! Big Local areas will soon be able to access support from a specialist organisation working nationally. Learn tools and techniques for dealing with disputes and conflict and find out about the support available. (Local Trust)
  • Resurrecting the community hub: Barnfield’s community hub was burnt down years ago and replacing it was the community’s top priority. The site has been cleared and a new hub set up using Big Local funding. There are many activities now enjoyed daily in the hub, which works out of a portakabin on the estate. It is paving the way to the area’s ambitions for a permanent community centre. (Barnfield Big Local)



Choice of workshops

  • Harnessing the power of others: Do you approach every project with the expectation that you will receive match funding at the very least – and that you could even get the project off the ground without any cost? Does this mean thinking outside the box, or is it about a mindset – are you confident that people are going to help you? Join this session to exchange ideas about getting and using match funding and support from others. (Riverside Community Big Local)
  • Fun Palaces: everyone an artist, everyone a scientist: In October every year, 1000s of people across the country make Fun Palaces. Some big, some tiny, all of them an opportunity to celebrate the skills and passions of local communities. They give everyone, of all ages a chance to try out something new, from arts and sciences to craft and tec. Find out how to make one happen! (Fun Palaces)
  • How to tell if you’re making a difference: measuring the impact: Find out about tools and techniques that can help you understand whether the activities you are supporting are making a difference in your area, and how to use these findings to tell your story to others. Hear about recent research which explored and measured the impact, achievements and learning so far in 20 Big Local areas. (Resources for Change)
  • Getting your voice heard: Does your project have the profile you would like? Do you have strong relationships with local decision-makers? Are there things taking place locally that you’d like to change? This workshop, led by campaign specialists the Sheila McKechnie Foundation, will address all of these questions and help grow your project’s voice, influence and power. (Sheila McKechnie Foundation)
  • Learn a new technique for problem solving: Action learning is an approach to solving real problems using both thinking and action. It is a highly structured process based on asking open questions that helps you to explore new ideas. Normally organised for a group of people over several meetings – come for a taster of this method to tackling challenges. (Local Trust)
  • Balloon orchestra workshop: Be ready to explore and try new things and join the balloon orchestra! In a short space of time you’ll work together using balloons as a source of sound (and fun!) and use your imagination to create short rhythms and compositions. (Sergio Lopez Figueroa)

Choice of workshops

  • Facts, feelings and influential findings: Local people feel the effects of local policy and planning every day, from how long it takes to get to the bus stop, to how frequently fly tipping is cleared. Personal and emotional responses to such experiences are often overlooked by planners. In Whitley, community researchers are uncovering these experiences and turning them into influential facts and findings through participatory action research. Join this session to find out more and see if you could do something similar in your area. (Whitley Big Local)
  • Finding new ways to involve volunteers: Spice is the largest agency time banking organisation in the UK, facilitating a time-based currency called Time Credits. Come and learn how Spice works with local charitable organisations, public services and community groups to devise new opportunities for people to volunteer, get involved locally, and be recognised for the time they contribute. (Spice)
  • Communities managing land: Communities across the country are increasingly taking responsibility for managing local parks and woodlands, and regenerating derelict land. This session gives you the chance to explore community-led management of land: how to go about it and what the possibilities are. (Shared Assets)
  • Dispute and conflict resolution: We know people don’t always agree and that it’s normal for groups to argue. But it’s not always easy to resolve issues and move on! Big Local areas will soon be able to access support from a specialist organisation working nationally. Learn tools and techniques for dealing with disputes and conflict and find out about the support available. (Local Trust)
  • Humming in harmony: Take part in this group activity which uses humming and mindfulness to improve physical and mental health and wellbeing. You’ll focus on sound, listening and breathing to develop a greater awareness of yourself and your environment, and experience co-creating a live soundscape. (Sergio Lopez Figueroa)
  • One further sessions — speaker to be confirmed

What next?

Closing words from Matt Leach, chief executive, Local Trust



More about this event

​Places are free and lunch and refreshments are included. Plus, we take the hassle out of getting there. We can book and pay for travel and care costs in advance for residents. And if you have a long journey and would struggle to make it on time, we can even arrange and pay for your accommodation. Just ask when booking.

All residents involved in Big Local are welcome, from those just starting to volunteer, to seasoned partnership members. Others involved in Big Local, like workers, can also attend but we encourage them to come together with some residents from their area.

To make sure all the Big Local areas get a chance to come, we can welcome up to five people from each Big Local area.

To book, get in touch with Priti: call 020 3588 0578 or email


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